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Studies on Suppression of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction for Zinc/Air Fuel Cell
Chang W.L, , Seung W.E, Mun S.Y.
Published in Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
Volume: 539-543
Issue: PART 2
Pages: 1427 - 1430
We studied the electrochemical behavior of a zinc oxide anode in the presence of succinic acid as an organic additive. This additive was added to the electrolyte, which is 8.5 M KOH solution containing 25g of ZnO and 3000 ppm of polyethylene glycol in 1 liter of water. The modified electrolyte was newly attempted to improve the main problems namely the hydrogen overpotential and dendrite formation during cycling in Zn/Air energy system. The results obtained in the presence of succinic acid were compared with the behavior of the electrolyte 8.5 M KOH in the absence of the additive. It has been concluded that the hydrogen overpotential is raised enormously, shifting to the more negative potential side as -4.19 V vs. Hg/HgO while zinc oxide electrode was at -1.399 V. Similarly, we found that dendrite formation on the surface of zinc oxide anode is reduced to some extent by scanning electron micrographs.
About the journal
JournalTHERMEC 2006 Materials Science Forum
PublisherTrans Tech Publications Ltd.
Open AccessNo