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Study of imaginative play in children using neutrosophic cognitive maps model
, , V. Devvrat, S. Ghildiyal
Published in University of New Mexico
Volume: 30
Pages: 241 - 252
This paper studies the imaginative play in young children using a model based on neutrosophic logic, viz, Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps (NCMs). NCMs are constructed with the help of expert opinion to establish relationships between the several concepts related with the imaginative play in children in the age group 1-10 years belonging to socially, economically and educationally backward groups. The NCMs are important in overcoming the hindrance posed by complicated and often imprecise nature of psychological or social data. Data was collected by video recording of children playing and the interpretations given by experts. Fifteen attributes / concepts related with children playing with the same toy were observed and according to experts several concepts were related and for some the relations between concepts were indeterminate, so it was appropriate to use NCMs. These NCMs were built using five expert's opinion and the hidden patterns of them happened to be a fixed point. © 2019.
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JournalNeutrosophic Sets and Systems
PublisherUniversity of New Mexico