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Study on reduction of hexavalent chromium in aqueous solution using GT-Fe0 nanoparticles
S. Bairoliya, S. Dubey, S. Bagchi, , ,
Published in
Volume: 5
Issue: 9
Pages: 123 - 129
Cr(VI) is a contaminant in various resources that is used by man in daily life, for e.g. soil ground water, river water, vegetables grown in such soil etc. it is a heavy metal, consumption of which might cause fatality to the consumer. It is seen that iron nanoparticles are able to reduce this Cr(VI) to its trivalent ion Cr(III) which is much less harmful. This article deals with the use of Iron Nanoparticles biosynthesized from green tea (GT) for its possible application in reducing toxicity and pollution caused by Cr(VI). The method used is a batch method where we get a number of similarly proceeding reaction which do not interfere with each other. The decrease in concentration of the standard solution of K2Cr2O7on addition of iron nanoparticles is used as an indicator of reduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III). It is seen that the GT Fe-NPs remove Cr(VI) from the solution with good efficiency and may have good future prospects as an antipollution measure.
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JournalJournal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
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