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Survey of genetic algorithm approach in machine learning
, Jayavel S., Rathore A.
Published in Seventh Sense Research Group
Volume: 68
Issue: 2
Pages: 115 - 133
The optimization of the proposed algorithm is nowadays mandatory to achieve the above the roof results. The Genetic algorithm is providing the elastic and versatile way to optimizing the natural parameters for the proposed system/algorithms or already existing systems. As the technology keeps on increasing so the data volume and other various inherences also keep increasing. To achieve high accuracy level from versatile domains like computer vision, classical machine learning, deep learning,and reinforcement learning.In this research paper, the literature survey encompasses fifty research papers to analysis the previous work which is done using the genetic algorithm from the year 2014-2018. This will help us to get a broad insight into the usage of the genetic algorithm and its applications in the different domains. © 2020 Seventh Sense Research Group. All right reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology
PublisherSeventh Sense Research Group
Open AccessNo