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Synthesis and Medicinal Properties of Polycarbonates and Resins from Renewable Sources
Published in John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Volume: 1-8
Pages: 363 - 379
Polycarbonates (PCs) are plastics which are widely used in various fields. These plastics were involved in the products such as food storage, electrical and electronic devices, and automotive plates. Due to the unique property of light weight, resistance, low cost, and good transparency, the PC has the potential to replace the glass. Hence, the PC was also play a major role in optical lenses and safety windows. Since the PCs are possessing good biocompatibility and high glass transition temperature Tg (145 °C), it has been considered as promising choice in microdevices. In this chapter, we discuss the preparation of PCs and resins from renewable sources and its medicinal applications. © 2017 Scrivener Publishing LLC.
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