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Synthesis, growth, structural and optical properties of a novel organic third order nonlinear optical crystal: Piperazinediium trichloroacetate
Rajasekar G, , , Kanagadurai R.
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 1177
Pages: 579 - 593
An organic centric compound Piperazinium trichloroacetate (PPTC) was successfully synthesized and grown first time from water solvent by applying slow evaporation technique. The crystal structure and its lattice inter perfection were identified from XRD analysis. The chemical groups of title compound were confirmed by FTIR spectral studies. Lower cutoff and optical band gap were determined from the UV–vis spectral studies using solid crystal sample. Threshold of optical stability has been investigated by using laser damage threshold studies. The thermal resistance was observed by using TG/DTA analysis. Mechanical stability was found from load dependant microhardness study. Dislocation and growth mechanism of PPTC was determined from etching studies. The dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss measured using dielectric study as a function of different frequency and temperature. The electronic polarizability was calculated from dielectric related solid state parameters for the PPTC crystal. The saturable absorption and defocusing phenomena were found from observed Z-scan results which are applicable in optical limiting and switching applications. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.
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