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Synthesis, quantitative elemental analysis, microstructure characteristics and micro hardness analysis of AA2219 aluminum alloy matrix composite reinforced by in-situ TiB2and sub-micron ZrB2 particles
A. Mahamani, A. Karthik, , P. Kathiravan, Y. Praveen Kumar
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Pages: 50 - 53
Composite material technology has been developed to explore the best advantage of metallic and ceramic material characteristics. Among the various processing route, flex assisted synthesis is a highly potential and low cost method to produce in-situ composites. In-situ aluminum matrix composite has superior performance than the ex-situ composite because of the chemically dispersed reinforcements. In the present work, flex assisted synthesis process is to produce AA2219 - TiB2/ZrB2 in-situ aluminum matrix composite with the different reinforcement ratio. EDAX, SEM and micro hardness analysis was carried out to confirm the presence reinforcements. EDAX analysis confirms the presence of reinforcement and element percentage of the composites. Microstructure analysis shows the distribution of in-situ reinforcements and the CuAl2 formation in the grain boundary regions of the matrix. Increase in hardness observed in the composites than the AA2219 matrix, reveals the presence of the reinforcement. ©2010 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers in Automobile and Mechanical Engineering - 2010, FAME-2010