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Teachers’ Perception on Developing Autonomous

Learners within a Classroom

, Abinaya. K
Published in
Volume: 83
Issue: 3
Pages: 10927 - 10936

Learner autonomy involves readiness on the part of learners to take responsibility for their
own learning. It enables learners to learn effectively and for effective teaching and learning
to take place, teachers need to equip themselves with strategies of promoting autonomy.
Therefore, it is essential to look into English language teachers’ beliefs about learner
autonomy to be able to promote it in language learning situation. The present study aims to
investigate willingness of teachers and prospective teachers (research scholars of English) in
granting autonomy to learners within the class. The paper reports on the research findings of
the study carried out with 42 English teachers working in various institutions across the
state, Tamil Nadu. The study focuses on a few important aspects of learner autonomy
comprising the choice of topic for class discussion and assignment, teaching strategy and
group of students and the responsibility learners assume for their own learning. The
collected data are analyzed and interpreted using statistical analysis to find out the
willingness on the part of teachers and teachers-to-be to allow learners to become
autonomous learners.

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