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Technical Approach in Text Mining for Stock Market Prediction: A Systematic Review
Islam M.R, Al-Shaikhli I.F, Nor R.B.M, Varadarajan V.
Published in Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Text mining methods and techniques have disclosed the mining task throughout information retrieval discipline in the field of soft computing techniques. To find the meaningful information from the vast amount of electronic textual data become a humongous task for trading decision. This empirical research of text mining role on financial text analysing in where stock predictive model need to improve based on rank search method. The review of this paper basically focused on text mining techniques, methods and principle component analysis that help reduce the dimensionality within the characteristics and optimal features. Moreover, most sophisticated soft-computing methods and techniques are reviewed in terms of analysis, comparison and evaluation for its performance based on electronic textual data. Due to research significance, this empirical research also highlights the limitation of different strategies and methods on exact aspects of theoretical framework for enhancing of performance.
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JournalIndonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
PublisherInstitute of Advanced Engineering and Science
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