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The influence of authorities on writers in a society: Censorship rules and challenges faced by dissident writers with reference to remarque's all quiet on the western front
J. Jose,
Published in Shanghai Normal University
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
Pages: 293 - 301
Censorship rules and laws are important in a society to avoid the circulation of objectionable or offensive contents. Whereas misusing such laws to suppress the nonconformist artists is unjustifable and is an instance of exploitation and manipulation of law and principle by those in power. The anticipation of persecution discourages writers or the artists even to think against the authorities. Eric Maria Remarque is just one among the writers who have undergone the grave situations for raising a separate voice through his novel All Quiet on the Western Front. This paper analyses the workings of ideologies and use of laws as means to suppress the revolutionaries. It also analyses how history is also manipulated and a fictitious version of history is propagated by the authorities by suppressing the dissident ideas with reference to the novel All Quiet on the Western Front.
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JournalForum for World Literature Studies
PublisherShanghai Normal University