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The invisibilization of women in a societal propinquity and a rummage for Carte Blanche
Published in Institute of Advanced Scientific Research, Inc.
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Pages: 252 - 257
Women in their day to day life face many struggles and hurdles; some overcome and lead their life unflinchingly, whereas many face the same, by accepting and tolerating it within as they no longer feel it as a struggle but as a routine pattern of life. At that moment emerged the feminist movement through which women were free to share their experiences that helped many women to speak and shout out their grief and to overcome their subjugation. Women need a space in their lives as they have the right to it; feminists also advocate that every woman should have space which brings them freedom. There are various works that deal with feminism through writings and movies which bring out the nature of women in a way that every woman can relate and reflect it with their daily lives. The present work has feminism as the conceptual framework to bring out the concept of personal space, boundaries and carte blanche through the film Magalir Mattum (2017). © 2018, Institute of Advanced Scientific Research, Inc.. All rights reserved.
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