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The numerical simulation of double-diffusive laminar mixed convection flow in a lid-driven porous cavity
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Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Pages: 131 - 138
This paper presents the numerical investigation of double-diffusive mixed convective flow in an impermeable enclosed cavity. The uniform temperature and concentration is imposed along the vertical walls and the horizontal walls are considered as insulation. The flow behavior is analyzed when the top wall moves left side at a constant velocity (Uo) and the other walls kept remains stationary. Transport equations are solved using finite volume technique. The pressure and velocity terms are coupled by SIMPLE algorithm. The third order deferred Quadratic Upwind Interpolation for Convection Kinematics (QUICK) scheme and second order central difference scheme are applied at the inner and boarder nodal points, respectively. The present numerical simulation is compared with the reported literature and found that are in good agreement. The heat and mass transfer results are presented in the form of iso-temperature and concentration. The Lewis number (Le) and aspect ratio are varied over a wide range to analyse non-dimensional horizontal (U) and vertical velocities (V), stream line contours, temperature and concentration gradients. The present analysis is carried out at constant Prandtl (Pr=0.7), Richardson (Ri=1.0), Darcy (Da=1.0) and Reynolds (Re=100) numbers. Results show that the fluid flow and heat transfer increase with the increase in Lewis Number and low aspect ratio. The local and average Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are also presented for the different Aspect ratio and Lewis number.
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JournalWSEAS Transactions on Heat and Mass Transfer
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