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The Peacock Junction
Published in University of Sao Paulo
Volume: 6
Issue: 1

This essay presents images and texts that depict the contemporary landscape of Tamil Nadu, Southern India. In early January of 2020, as a result of an educational experience at an Indian academic institute, I conducted a visual research by which I deemed landscape photography an immersion procedure in space to reflect on the territory and its representations. During its development, once the landscape reveals itself as a space for interaction, the genre of landscape photography juxtaposes complex relationships that go beyond a simple transcription of nature. It expands the idea of landscape mainly through the transformation caused by its inhabitants, the presence of the observer, the off-camera and its historical representations.

About the journal
JournalGIS - Gesto, Imagem e Som - Revista de Antropologia
PublisherUniversity of Sao Paulo
Open AccessYes