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The problems and prospects of indian tea industry - An analysis
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 14
Issue: 14
Pages: 313 - 322
India is one of the leading economies in the world in terms of trade on various goods and services. The traditional Indian goods were demanded more at the global level. India is the leading producer of many goods and among these goods, tea is one of the consumable beverages produced at the large scale. India is one of the leading producers, exporter and consumers of tea in the world. India was once the leading producers and exporter of tea in the world. The trend has changed now. India lost its place to China. The share of India's tea production and export has been declining over the years. The present research has taken up this issue to analyses the status of India in the world tea economy. The present study is based on the secondary data for analysis. The study covers the period of 14 years from 2001 to 2014. The research has used econometric and statistical tools for analysis. The study found that India's contribution towards the world tea production and tea export has not increased significantly over the years;the area under tea cultivation in India has not increased in par with the area under tea cultivation in the world. The study suggests that there is a need for increase in the production of tea through increase in area under tea cultivation, export of tea should be increased and import of tea should be decreased to preserve the valuable foreign exchange reserve and there is an urgent need for creating awareness among the people about the health importance of tea.
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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
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