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One of the main themes of Francophone literature, a term that is used for the literature from Francophone countries outside France. Today modern usage includes any literature written in French. Francophone literature, therefore, applies to the whole French-speaking world in a broader sense. Tahar Ben Jelloun, is a Moroccan-French novelist, poet, and essayist who writes expressively about Moroccan culture, the immigrant experience, and the identity crisis that the immigrants face. Usually immigrants are considered a threat to the national unity of a country, but on the other hand, the effects of immigration on the immigrants, their identity and adaptation to a new country are much-debated issues which have attracted scholarly studies. The paper deals with the issues of migration and its harrowing results on migrants which is a debated topic in a multicultural society. Tahar Ben Jelloun has very well depicted the pains and the psychological implications of immigration in the novel “The Palace in an old Village” which represents the struggle of identity that is caused due to the migration of people from their roots to a new country in search of job and their dream of leading a better life.

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