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The theme of anguish in the novel of Bharathi Mukherjee'S wife
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 97
Issue: 2
Pages: 343 - 347
The present paper deals about the theme of anguish in Bharathi Mukherjee's novel "Wife", introduces a women's activist viewpoint, making a picture of the abused woman, Dimple who battles with her personality however does not know it. She is liable to the wishes and impulses of others and has been associated to be uninformed of her own longing for an autonomous personality. She trusts she needs to be a spouse, however her aching is mistaken for her longing for opportunity. She is additionally unconscious that such a part won't concede her those yearnings. Indeed, even the creator likewise endured like Dimple. She additionally got hitched for her dad's decision shockingly she prefers that relationship however in the novel she anticipated the courageous woman character in the distinctive way. © Serials Publications.
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