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Thermal cycling effects on the thermoelectric properties of n-type in,ce-based skutterudite compounds
, M.A. Subramanian, M.S. Good, K.C. Roberts, T.J. Hendricks
Published in
Volume: 41
Issue: 6
Pages: 1615 - 1621
n-Type In-filled CoSb 3 is a known skutterudite compound that has shown promising thermoelectric (TE) properties resulting in high dimensionless figure of merit values at elevated temperatures. Use in various waste heat recovery applications will require survival and operation after exposure to harsh thermal cycling environments. This research focused on uncovering the thermal cycling effects on TE properties of n-type In 0.2Co 4Sb 12 and In 0.2Ce 0.15Co 4Sb 12 skutterudite compositions as well as quantifying their temperature-dependent structural properties (elastic modulus, shear modulus, and Poisson's ratio). It was observed that the Seebeck coefficient and resistivity increased only slightly in the double-filled In,Ce skutterudite materials upon thermal cycling. In the In-filled skutterudites the Seebeck coefficient remained approximately the same on thermal cycling, while the electrical resistivity increased significantly after thermal cycling. Results also show that the thermal conductivity marginally decreases in the case of In-filled skutterudites, whereas the reduction is more pronounced in In,Ce-based skutterudite compounds. The possible reason for this kind of reduction can be attributed to grain pinning effects due to formation of nanoinclusions. High-temperature structural property measurements (i.e., Young's modulus and shear modulus) are also reported. The results show that these structural properties decrease slowly as temperature increases and that the compounds are structurally stable after numerous (up to 200) thermal cycles. © 2012 TMS.
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