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Threshold-based virtual machine allocation in cloud environment
Published in
Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Pages: 21547 - 21559
An Eminent technology paradigm called Cloud computing, which provides the vibrant resources on the demand basis.In Cloud computing, multiple cloud users can request a number of cloud services simultaneously. So there must be a provision that all resources are made available to requesting user in an efficient manner to satisfy their need. Resource allocation is based on the quality of service and service level agreement. It builds upon advances in virtualization and distributed computing to support cost efficient usage of computing resources. VM technology has been employed for resource provisioning. This paper primarily focuses on the allocation of Virtual Machine to the user; this work is that low priority jobs (deadline of the job is high) should not delay the execution of high priority jobs (deadline of the job is low) and to dynamically allocate VM resources for a user job within the deadline. The proposed threshold-based dynamic resource allocation scheme is implemented by using CloudSim, and experimental results show the proposed scheme can improve resource utilization and reduce the usage user cost. © 2016, International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.
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