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Towards Identifying the Knowledge Codification Effects on the Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness in the Context of GSD Project Outcome
, , Basu A, Pradeep Reddy C.
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 337
Pages: 611 - 620

Global software development (GSD) is a knowledge intensive process of offshore/onsite teams that helps in planning and designing a coherent software system to meet the business needs. The aim of this research is to reveal the influence of GSD teams’ (offshore/onsite) knowledge codification factors on knowledge transfer (KT) effectiveness with respect to the outcome of GSD projects. Knowledge codification is the process of converting the tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. In the GSD projects, where offshore/onsite teams’ are distributed and working in various geographic locations, the process of knowledge codification has influenced by several factors. Thus, our objective of this paper is to address the knowledge codification factors on knowledge transfer effectiveness in the context of GSD project outcome perceived by GSD teams. Moreover, this study explores to integrate effectiveness of knowledge transfer in GSD project outcome relationship from the service provider perspective in following dimensions: product success, successful collaboration, and personal satisfaction. This research study employs survey methods to empirically validate the research model in Indian software companies for their view of GSD projects.