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Transition metal-dialkyl compounds (LxMR2; R = alkyl; M = metals of groups VI-X)-Synthesis, structure, reactivity and applications
E. Hager, , H.S. Clayton, M.M. Mogorosi, J.R. Moss
Published in
Volume: 252
Issue: 15-17
Pages: 1668 - 1688
This review deals with the synthesis, properties and applications of dialkyl complexes of the type LxMR2 (R = alkyl; Lx = ligands; M = transition metals of groups VI to X. Discussion on the comparison with analogous monoalkyl-metal complexes is also carried out. Possible reactivity patterns include: insertions of small molecules into the metal and carbon σ-bond, cyclometalations, oxidative addition, transmetalation, and thermal decomposition; these are discussed. The influence of various factors on the stability and reactivity of these title compounds is described. The applications and intermediacy of transition metal-dialkyl species in various catalytic reactions are highlighted. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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