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Trends and patterns: A bibliometric analysis of emotional intelligence and its implications for strategic leadership

Published in OJS - Malque Publishing Journals
Volume: 7
Issue: 4

The development of publications on emotional intelligence and its impact on strategic leadership from 2013–2023 are the focus of the current study. The number of publications narrowed down by adopting the SALSA method and used in the analysis was 383. It is evident from the analysis that there has been a significant increase in the number of publications addressing emotional intelligence and leadership in the past decade. Bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer resulted in the co-occurrence network of 31 items categorized into 8 clusters based on keywords, each highlighted by a different color. The extensive connections that emotional intelligence has with leadership are observed through networks, overlays and visualizations. This analysis helps us understand the current knowledge, identify research gaps, and guide future investigations. It also highlights emerging themes in emotional intelligence and strategic leadership, supporting informed decisions for leadership development and organizational success. The implications derived from enhancing emotional intelligence include improvements in communication, learning, problem- solving, and trust, which ultimately maximize strategic leadership in individuals.

About the journal
JournalMultidisciplinary Reviews
PublisherOJS - Malque Publishing Journals
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