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Two statistical scrutinize of impact strength and strength reliability of steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
Murali G, , Ramkumar V.R,
Published in Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Volume: 22
Issue: 1
Pages: 257 - 269
The variations in impact strength of steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) were statistically, commanded in this research. For this purpose, the experimental impact test results of earlier researchers were investigated using two statistical approaches. Firstly, normality test was carried out on first crack strength (N1) and failure strength (N2) using distribution plot and its accuracy was verified with Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Shapiro-Wilk and Chen-Shapiro test. Secondly, strength reliability analysis was carried out using two parameter Weibull distribution and their Weibull parameters were determined using three methods viz., Empherical Method of Justus (EMJ), Method of Moments (MOM) and Empherical Method of Lysen (EML). Results suggested that, if three samples are used to determine the N1 value for researchers’ data, at 95% levels of confidence, then the error in the measured value is about 50%. The 0.1 reliability level of the impact strength values of EMJ, EML and MOM were 153, 120 and 153 respectively in case of N1 and were 198, 156, and 198 respectively in case of N2 based on earlier researcher’s data. © 2017, Korean Society of Civil Engineers and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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