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Unusual codon usage bias in low expression genes of Vibrio cholerae
Surajit basak, Santasabuj das, Indranuj mukherjee, Mayukh choudhury
Published in Biomedical Informatics
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Pages: 213 - 217
Positive correlation between gene expression and synonymous codon usage bias is well documented in the literature. However, in the present study of Vibrio cholerae genome, we have identified a group of genes having unusually high codon usage bias despite being low potential expressivity. Our results suggest that codon usage in lowly expressed genes might also be selected on to preferably use non-optimal codons to maintain a low cellular concentration of the proteins that they encode. This would predict that lowly expressed genes are also biased in codon usage, but in a way that is opposite to the bias of highly expressed genes.
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PublisherBiomedical Informatics
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