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User Interface Design Recommendations Through Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Published in Springer Singapore
Pages: 269 - 293

End users encounter difficulties while spending time and effort in learning and using some software products. Ultimately, the foremost goal of all the organizations and companies developing product lies in the improvement of user’s satisfaction and interest toward the product. One of the methods by which the improvement could be performed is by designing a simple and guiding user interface that is suitable for all the users of an application. Especially, in the domain of information systems, the impediment raises due to the lack of effective user interfaces. The context of use and the end user’s knowledge about user interface pose a strenuous demand in usability. Thus, there is a demand to design interface with utmost care considering the end user’s motor skills and their abilities. Though several laws and principles exist for the stated purpose, effective design involves creativity and some amount of craft which may involve series of procedures, techniques, and tools. However, the decision making in dynamic environments to choose the techniques and tools is seemingly intractable and is complex because of natural trade-offs. Apparently, choosing from existing alternatives will frequently involve making trade-offs that may fail to satisfy requirements. Hence, the selection of alternate solution in lieu of multiple criteria has been challenging. One of the methods that were successful for this objective is multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA). This technique defines several approaches for decision making and tries to converge toward the optimal solution. The work attempts to design user interface for any information systems with minimal number of interactions for the different categories of users.

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