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Value-based teaching of English: A holistic approach to technology and management studies
Published in
Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Pages: 58 - 62
In the recent years, learner-centric approach to English teaching and learning has gained importance and is in practice. The knowledge and skills perspective of teaching of English and learning has neglected the holistic development of a student. Scholars and educationists have called for a value-based education for the holistic development of a student. Recent reports suggest that there is a shift in value system leading to individualism, ragging fellow students and other forms of negative behaviors among college students, mostly in India. Further, there is a general perception that due to mechanical delivery and evaluation, teaching and learning process is becoming less joyful. In the light of these developments, the paper highlights the necessity for value-based teaching of English for technology and management studies. Further, drawing from the rich scope in English language and literature in imparting values, a framework has been discussed. © 2011 IUP.
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