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VANET and its Security Aspects: A Review
Yadav K.A,
Published in Indian Society for Education and Environment
Volume: 9
Issue: 44
Objectives:This paper reviews research on various routing protocols used in Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET), with the aim to 1. Examine the newly emerged routing strategies, 2. To identify the security aspect of these routing strategies, 3. To explore security importance to users and 4. To investigate the research direction for security in VANET. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This paper focuses on two major aspects which includes literature survey and review along with a conceptual analysis of VANET security aspects. For this 20 security in VANET related papers have compared and analyzed along with some basic paper on VANET and routing to provide security in vehicular adhoc network. Findings: The survey of this paper indicates that the security aspect for VANET secured communication requires successful accomplishment of all aspects. However, the recent survey concludes that there is still further scope for research in security aspects like integrity, non-repudiation, availability. Application/Improvements: This study (review) tries to suggest that understanding the approach of routing and will help to implement a better intelligent transport system with security.
About the journal
JournalIndian Journal of Science and Technology
PublisherIndian Society for Education and Environment
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