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Vegetable Disease Detection Using K-Means Clustering and Svm
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1308 - 1311
India is the cultivating country and our country is the biggest maker in agricultural products. So, we have to classify and exchange our agricultural products. Manual arranging is tedious and it requires works. The automatic grading system requires less time for grading of the agricultural products. Image processing technique is helpful in examination and evaluating the products. In this paper we proposed a vegetable disease detection system for recognizing diseased vegetables. Here we utilize the Image processing system for reviewing the vegetables. Vegetables are recognized dependent on their features. The features are color, shape, size, texture. We extract these features utilizing algorithms to distinguish the vegetables. We develop a recognition system for 2D input images. The main aim of this work is detecting infected vegetable based on features with K-means clustering algorithm. Algorithm includes three main steps namely enhancement, segmentation and classification. Vegetable samples are collected as images from high resolution camera and data acquisition is carried out for database preparation. The image segmentation process is based on pixel of the image and is applied to get the segmented and infected vegetables using K-Means Clustering algorithm. The image classification is based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) which perform supervised leaning for classification. © 2020 IEEE.