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Vegetation Index
Kumar Nagarajan S,
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 1560 - 1599
This is the survey for finding vegetation, deforestation of earth images from various related papers from different authors. This survey deals with remote sensing and normalized difference vegetation index with various techniques. We survey almost 100 theoretical and empirical contributions in the current decade related to image processing, NDVI generation by using various new techniques. We also discuss significant challenges involved in the adaptation of existing image processing techniques to generation NDVI systems that can be useful in the real world. The resolution of remote sensing images increases every day, raising the level of detail and the heterogeneity of the scenes. Most of the existing geographic information systems classification tools have used the same methods for years. With these new high resolution images, basic classification methods do not provide satisfactory results.
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JournalComputer Vision
PublisherIGI Global
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