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Vehicle Navigation Protocol in Real-Time Fleet Management
, R.S. Kumar, K.S. Devineni, , A.S. Anakath, A. Jayanthiladevi
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 248 - 251
In Real-Time Fleet Management, vehicle routes are built dynamically according to travel durations, location of the vehicles and also customer requests which are revealed gradually. To account for such situations, algorithms which are fast and can accommodate the uncertainty are needed. We here highlights the use of parallel computing strategies for solving real-time vehicle routing problems. The vehicle routing problem is related to linear optimisation and falls under the domain of logistics and transport. Vehicle routing problems comprise of determining optimal vehicle routes according to various constraints such as the total demand should not exceed the total capacity, service durations are met The objectives of solving the Vehicle Routing Protocol varies depending upon the dynamically of the system. In general, systems, which are weakly dynamic, focus on optimising or minimising the routing costs. The systems, which are strongly dynamic, focus more on minimising the expected response time. © 2020 IEEE.