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Vibration and Wear Characteristics of Aloevera/Flax/Hemp Woven Fiber Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Wire Mesh and BaSO4
P. krishnasamy, G. Rajamurugan, S. Aravindraj,
Published in Bellwether Publishing, Ltd.
These articles presents an experimental investigation on mechanical, vibration, and wear behavior of (aloevera/flax/hemp/wire mesh/BaSO4) laminated composite. The mechanical characterization was performed with ASTM standard specimens. The free vibration performance was analyzed under two clamping conditions and boundary conditions (clamp-clamp & clamp-free). The wear test trails were accomplished using a pin on disc at different process parameters like sliding speed (3–5 m/s), sliding distance (1000 m) and applied load (10–30 N) under sliding dry environment at room temperature of 28 ± 5◦C. The scanning electron microscopy was used to examine the interaction between the matrix and reinforcement interface after the failure. The experimental results revealed that the addition of wire mesh and BaSO4 filler in the fabricated composite Aleovera+Hemp+Wiremesh+Flax+Aleovera+BaSO4 composite (C4) increased the tensile strength by 8.68% compared to Aleovera+Hemp+Wire mesh+Flax+ Aleovera (C3) composite and it also depicts that the addition of wire mesh and BaSO4 as reinforcement has improved 5.42% of flexural strength compare to Aleovera+Hemp+Flax+Aleovera+BaSO4 composite (C2). The addition of BaSO4 improved the hardness in both C2 and C4 composites. The 5% addition of BaSO4 enhanced the natural frequency of the composites. Among the composites, the C4 has shown the highest coefficient of friction during the experimental trials. © 2020 Taylor & Francis.
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JournalJournal of Natural Fibers
PublisherBellwether Publishing, Ltd.