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Visible and Invisible Health Problems of Youth in India
Published in
Volume: 3
Issue: 4
Pages: 157 - 166
Youth is form of precious human resources in every country. Interestingly, this people nick names are more like in youth, young, adolescents, young adults and adults. The present study searched based on reviewed high standard journals cat log and opinion page in daily news papers, but its available only public related studies and general health problems. It's not covered health for youth in any areas. Today, adults are faced several internal and external health problems. Nearly 10 to 30percent of youth people are affected by several diseases like nutritional disorders, diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, road traffic accidents, tobacco use and alcoholism, stress, suicide, depression and violence are more in the age group of 10 to30years. The analysis part used in this study is meta-analysis of availability of different studies, reports in different areas of youth. After reviewing so many studies, there is no concrete action for youth health in both sides. In India, many health programmes are introduced on general public, for example, health insurance scheme, maternal benefits schemes, immunization for children etc, but it is not covered for youth health specifically. No separate health programmes and policies for them and need to take care of future pillar of our nation. The present reviewed study strongly recommends few health programmes and policies to alleviate the visible and invisible health problems of young.
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