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VSC Based Modular Multilevel Converter For Grid Applications Using PI Controller
Published in IEEE
Multi-level converters have gained a reputation in both Medium-Voltage and Low-Voltage applications. To find out the connections among several multilevel Voltage Source Converter (VSC) topologies and to expose in what way to attain innovative topologies. Between them, VSC attained the main market share and taken obvious improvements in the earlier time. The most topical developments in the VSCs is a Modular Multi-level Converter (M-MC). This configuration has a modular structure; power rating and voltage of the converter can be enlarged by accumulating the Sub-Modules (SM) in series. This paper presents the VSC based M-MC of high power converters, which the controller controls the voltage on the load using a PI controller. The simulation results of converter voltage, converter current, grid voltage, grid current, PI error voltage, three-phase instantaneous real power, and reactive power obtained to justify the achievement of the suggested topology. © 2019 IEEE.
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