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Web-acl based dos mitigation solution for cloud
R. Gayathri, , M. Rajesh, , A. Muralidhar
Published in Research Publication
Volume: 9
Issue: 7
Pages: 5105 - 5113
Today’s internet community is vulnerable to wide range of attacks due to its interconnected nature. Denial of Service poses a serious threat due to prevalence of hacking tools which makes such attacks more common. DoS is more disruptive as it completely compromises the availability constraint of a web service or online service. Mitigation solutions are numerous based on several researches but none stands to be efficient in overwhelming or countering such attacks. Hence a detailed analysis about the existing technologies in cloud platform along with the mitigation measures are essential, which helps in yielding most prominent and promising solution. This study focuses those aspects and as an outcome web based ACL is proposed which helps in filtering the DoS attacks before it reaches the application itself. Web-based ACL’s are effective in filtering and differentiating the incoming traffic based on the rules defined. The rules for DoS detection are defined based on the dataset analysis of KDD for analysing the patterns and arrived at an efficient solution. The efficiency of web ACL is tested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) console and effectiveness in filtering is formulated. © Research Publication. All rights reserved.
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JournalAdvances in Mathematics: Scientific Journal
PublisherResearch Publication