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Website Topology Modification with Hotlinks Using Mined Webusage Knowledge
Puyalnithi T, Viswanatham V.M.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 194 - 204
The hotlinks are the special links introduced in the website to reduce the time to access certain webpages in a webpage that is present in the deeper levels of the topology. Hotlinks selection mechanism plays a vital role in quick access of webpages. The problem is to decide which webpage should be having hotlinks and where the hotlinks should be placed in the website tree topology. We have proposed a methodology which starts by finding the frequent webpage access pattern of visitors of the website. The frequent pattern is found using Associative mining, Apriori algorithm or Frequent Pattern Tree algorithm. Then the frequent patterns are passed through page ranking mechanism. We find the pattern which is having the highest priority. Then the hotlinks are created for the members (webpages hyperlinks) of the pattern. Thus, the work is about assigning hotlinks for a set of pages which are frequently visited. Thus, by updating the topology by introducing hotlinks we can reduce the time to access the web pages.
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JournalAdvances in Data Mining and Database Management Web Data Mining and the Development of Knowledge-Based Decision Support Systems
PublisherIGI Global
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