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Wound healing activity of polysaccharides from marine algae Codium tomentosum Stackhouse, 1797 from Tamil Nadu coast of Bay of Bengal, India
Published in World Research Association
Volume: 15
Issue: 9
Pages: 28 - 34
The aim of this study was to evaluate the wound healing promoting effect of Ultrasonic- enhanced extracted sulfated polysaccharides (UEP) from marine algae Codium tomentosum using in vitro and in vivo models. Sulfated polysaccharides have been used as a source of potential pharmaceuticals and attracted extensive research interest in wound healing due to their uses in wound management materials (wound dressings). In in vitro model, monolayer's of Mouse fibroblast cells (L929) were used to investigate the effects of UEP on processes involved in fibroblast proliferation, regeneration and migration. Fibroblast proliferation and migration were monitored by scratch assay. It showed that the healing process was initiated from 24 h of treatment and revealed that the UEP has the potency to recover the wound with 100 % healing capacity at 72 h after treatment over control cells. On the other hand, in in vivo model using Sprague-Dawley rats, effects of SPs on tissue regeneration were investigated. The UEP 5 % (w/v) showed an increased wound contraction rate compared to the negative and positive control group (e.g. on the 5th day, we observed a wound healing of 70 % for rats treated with 5 % UEP against positive and negative control groups with 68 % and 40 % respectively). On the 15th day, the contraction value was even slightly higher for the 5 % UEP treated rats than for the rats treated with the control groups. Results of in vivo wound healing study were monitored by means of histological examinations. It showed that the UEP enhanced epithelization and tissue granulation significantly compared with both control groups. These findings suggest that UEP from Codium tomentosum might be a probable curative agent for the treatment of cutaneous wounds as well as in wound management materials (wound dressings). © 2020 World Research Association. All rights reserved.
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