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 Poornima T picture
24 Publications
22 Journals
Poornima T
Assistant Professor Grade 2
JournalPublications - 24
Network (8)
  •  V S Kanchana Bhaaskaran picture
    V S Kanchana BhaaskaranProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Electronics
  •  Kavya Alluru picture
    Kavya AlluruAssistant Professor
    • Computer Science
  •  Shambavi K picture
    Shambavi KProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of Communication Engineering
  •  Zachariah C Alex picture
    Zachariah C AlexProfessor Higher Academic Grade & Dir- Spon- Res-
    • Department of Sensor and Biomedical Technology
  •  Bala Anki Reddy Pol picture
    Bala Anki Reddy PolAssistant Professor Sr- Grade 2
    • Department of Mathematics
  •  Saleena B picture
    Saleena BAssociate Professor Senior
    • Computer Science
  •  Mohanasrinivasan V picture
    Mohanasrinivasan VAssociate Professor Grade 1 Placement Coordinator for M-Sc Programmes
    • Department of Bio-Medical Sciences
  •  Ashok D picture
    Ashok DProfessor - Higher Academic Grade
    • Department of General Management