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Prathap R
Assistant Professor (Junior)
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  •  Madhuri W picture
    Madhuri WAssociate Professor Grade 1
    • Department of Physics
  •  Mohanasundaram R picture
    Mohanasundaram RAssociate Professor Grade 2 & Asso- CW
    • Department of Software Systems
  •  Cheralathan K-K picture
    Cheralathan K-KAssociate Professor Sr-
    • Department of Chemistry
  •  Sathish A-S picture
    Sathish A-SAssociate Professor Senior
    • VIT Business School
  •  Sabina E-P picture
    Sabina E-PAssociate Professor Sr- & HOD
    • Department of Bio-Medical Sciences
  •  Bhaskara Rao K-V picture
    Bhaskara Rao K-VProfessor Grade 1
    • Department of Bio-Medical Sciences
  •  Ashok Kumar P picture
    Ashok Kumar PAssistant Professor (Junior)
    • Department of Analytics