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A Solution To Fast Battery Charging Technology With Bi-Directional Series Parallel Resonant Converter LCC In Grid to Vehicle Ambient
, , Deb S, Paul S, Bharadwaj S.C, Dutta N.
Published in IEEE
Electric Vehicle is one of the most effective solution for reducing the Green House Effect and Global Warming. It is the alternative way of conventional vehicle. In Power Electronic circuit battery, charging unit is used to deliver high performance with less power consumption. LCC compensation network is used with the Converter circuit of the battery-charging unit of EV. It has high efficiency with reduced circulating current, output voltage and output current consists of wide range regulation. In Design consideration of Battery Charging unit, Bi- directional power flow is required Grid to Vehicle (G2V) power transformation or vice versa. The paper focuses on Bi-directional Converter LCC compensation with double sided for charging Topology of the EV. In this proposed method, depending on coupling coefficient resonant frequency is independent and is used between transmitting and receiving coil where zero voltage switching (ZVS) is achieved. This proposed method is used as a charging system which is wireless with maximum resistive load of 7.77 KW instead of battery load with an achieved efficiency of 86.2%. © 2019 IEEE.
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