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A Study on Service Quality of a Health Care Organization
Published in International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE)
Volume: 15
Issue: 10
Pages: 91 - 106

The perception which the Healthcare sector has about his functioning is completely different from the other sectors. The view of the quality of services provided by healthcare is concerned about the patient satisfaction about the service provided to them rather than then assessing the kind of service provided to the patient. The end –users view on quality deals with accepted impact when they choose on Medical practitioners. The clients are more interested in knowing the capability of medical practitioners to provide remedy for their illness in an affordable cost. The patients wish to select the hospital has prominent effect on the views on Quality. Patients complete gratification and faithfulness about private healthcare provider plays a significant role in understanding the quality of the service. Additionally, client’s inability to measure the clinical standards where each hospital possesses different professional conditions and services like medical specialist knowledge, General physician potential to find out the disease. The Quality of the serviceable aspects are easily judged by the clients when compared to the professional aspects as claimed by experimental studies. Quality is seen and defined as assessment technique in which there is a comparison between his/her requirements and his/her views on service provided by customer. There is numerous advantages in evaluating Quality in Medical sector. It creates awareness among the customer to take prior decision in choosing healthcare provider and medical practitioner. Evaluating the quality also useful for Hospitals.

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JournalInternational Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE)
PublisherInternational Association of Online Engineering (IAOE)
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