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Cadmium effects on sperm morphology and semenogelin with relates to increased ROS in infertile smokers: An in vitro and in silico approach
Ranganathan P, Rao K.A, Sudan J.J,
Published in Elsevier BV
PMID: 29729841
Volume: 18
Issue: 2
Pages: 189 - 197

Smoking releases cadmium (Cd), the metal toxicant which causes an imbalance in reactive oxygen species level in seminal plasma. This imbalance is envisaged to impair the sperm DNA morphology and thereby result in male infertility. In order to correlate this association, we performed in vitro and in silico studies and evaluated the influence of reactive oxygen species imbalance on sperm morphology impairments due to smoking. The study included 76 infertile smokers, 72 infertile non-smokers, 68 fertile smokers and 74 fertile non-smokers (control). Semen samples were collected at regular intervals from all the subjects. Semen parameters were examined by computer assisted semen analysis, quantification of metal toxicant by atomic absorption spectrophotometer, assessment of antioxidants through enzymatic and non-enzymatic methods, diagnosis of reactive oxygen species by nitro blue tetrazolium method and Cd influence on sperm protein by in vitro and in silico methods. Our analysis revealed that the levels of cigarette toxicants in semen were high, accompanied by low levels of antioxidants in seminal plasma of infertile smoker subjects. In addition the investigation of Cd treated sperm cells through scanning electronic microscope showed the mid piece damage of spermatozoa. The dispersive X-ray analysis to identify the elemental composition further confirmed the presence of Cd. Finally, the in-silico analysis on semenogelin sequences revealed the D-H-D motif which represents a favourable binding site for Cd coordination. Our findings clearly indicated the influence of Cd on reactive oxygen species leading to impaired sperm morphology leading to male infertility. © 2018 Society for Biology of Reproduction & the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn

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