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N-Acyltaurines (NATs) are functional lipids and bioactive fatty acid amides that encompass the taurine moiety in their polar head. They are involved in various cellular and physiological roles that can lead to interesting biological properties, i.e. analgesic action, skin wound healing, regulating insulin secretion, and alteration of the cell cycle in cancer cells. Hence, it is essential to perform structural investigations at the atomic scale to comprehend their physicochemical properties and interactions with membrane lipids. Here, we report for the first time the crystal structure, molecular packing arrangement, and intermolecular interactions of N-pentadecanoyltaurine (NPDT) employing single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SCXRD) experiments; the crystal structure of NPDT is elusive as it has a triclinic space group symmetry P within a pseudo-monoclinic lattice with lattice parameters a = 5.3204(2) Å, b = 13.5037(9) Å, c = 43.718 …

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