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Enhanced efficiency of second harmonic generation with twelve-fold photonic quasi-crystal fiber in telecommunication band
R. Bhattacharjee, A.M. Abobaker, , , K. Nakkeeran,
Published in Electromagnetics Academy
Volume: 2015-January
Pages: 1390 - 1392
We design an index guided silica core photonic quasi-crystal fiber of twelve-fold symmetry for enhancing the efficiency of second harmonic generation by using the fundamental input wavelength of 1.55μm in the telecommunication band. With the available poling technology, we optimize the pitch of the photonic quasi-crystal fiber at 7μm and report a relative efficiency of second harmonic generation as 38.22%W-1cm-2 when the overlap area is 2.74 μm2 and phase-mismatch factor is 0.102 μm-1.
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JournalProgress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium
PublisherElectromagnetics Academy