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Catharanthus roseus-Mediated Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles against Photocatalytic Application of Phenol Red under UV@365 nm
Kalaiselvi A, Roopan S.M, , , , Al Dhabi N.A, Arasu M.V.
Published in Current Science Association
Volume: 111
Issue: 11
Pages: 1811 - 1815
Catharanthus roseus leaf extract has potential efficien-cy for the formation of biosynthesized zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles against dye degradation with various time intervals. The leaves of C. roseus were utilized as reducing agent for the formation of metal precursors into metal oxide nanoparticles. C. roseus-mediated ZnO nanoparticles were confirmed by vari-ous analytical techniques such as UV-Vis, FT-IR, XRD and morphological studies by SEM and TEM. Results show that green synthesized ZnO nanoparti-cles are directly proportional to reaction time. The phytoconstituents present in leaf extract of C. roseus play a major role in ZnO nanoparticles formation by acting as a reducing agent.
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JournalCurrent Science
PublisherCurrent Science Association
Open AccessNo
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