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Improvements in morphology and membrane stability obtained from TPP-TAB, a cryopreservation medium treated infertile smoker sperm cells – An in vitro study
R. Parameswari,
Published in Elsevier Inc.
Volume: 6
Pages: 889 - 896
Background: Plants are the major sources of antioxidants, which maintains oxidant: antioxidant state or is to protect from excessive reactive oxygen species in case of cryo medium selection though maintain sperm stability. Bottleneck: Cryo preservation of infertile smokers is challengeable with the available medium due to over production of ROS hitches, were cause loss of sperm physiology. Hence, a novel medium is needed to store/protect sperm cells of infertile smokers where they attending/ongoing IVF or oncogenic surgical treatment. Aim: The aim of this study, is to check the stability of sperm cells by TPP-T.arjuna bark (TAB) (E4) cryo medium preserved infertile smoker's against ROS/cryo injury- as a continuous study. Materials and methods: 42 infertile smoker's subjects with 28 control subjects were selected. Surface morphology (acrosome) of sperm by scanning electronic microscope, sperm membrane proteins by colorimetric method, sperm head and tail defects by CASA method and finally sperm cell stability is checking its zeta electric potential charges, were all done with E4 cryo medium treated frozen/thawed selected study subjects. Results: Sperm morphology and zeta potential shows there is no damage along the stability of cells maintained during E4 medium cryopreservation in infertile subjects. This is the first study is too established for infertile smokers sperm stability was checked for six months with E4 cryo medium. © 2019
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