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Lean and Green Management in Service Industries for Better Sustainability . a Systematic Literature Review
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 19
Pages: 5818 - 5831

Aim - The rationale behind this review paper is to examine the association between the lean
practices and green practices in the service sector. And that raises set of research issues and leading to select
some research questions arising out this topic of research.
Design/methodology/approach-The articles published in the period of 1999-2020 were collected by different
data bases like Elsevier, emerald, Springer, Taylor Francis, the articles were scrutinized and clarified thoroughly
close to the relation of lean and green management in service industries.
Findings- Combining the lean and green together in the service organization is a daunting task much of the
articles are emphasize more on the technologies rather than human efficiency in achieving the sustainability in
the lean and green methods, so there is a large scope in the human involvement and the subsequent benefits of
LGM(Lean and green management).
Research implications/Limitations- There are many more articles e emphasizing the importance of lean
implementation, lean management, lean six sigma but very few existing literatures are available only in lean
greenmangement, after careful refining of the existing articles related to lean and green management in service
industries we exclude many non relevant articles related to other domains (like green construction, green
technologies in architecture etc.) based from this 84 articles only.
Originality/value- The paper evaluates 84 articles reported in the domain of lean green management, it explores
ample opportunities of research potential available in the lean green management in the service industries.

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