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Light harvesting using solar cells and luminescent solar concentrators
R. Rajan, P.R. Babu,
Published in Indian Academy of Sciences
Volume: 118
Issue: 11
Pages: 1652 - 1655
Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) are panels made of polymers which are doped with fluorescent dye or quantum dots. In space-limited urban areas where deploying solar cells on a large scale is inconvenient, LSC panels can be installed on vertical structures to collect maximum solar radiation. These structures which collect solar radiation, guide the light towards edges of the panel where solar converters are located. Solar converters for large-scale deployment make use of photovoltaic or nano-antenna technology. The latter has the advantage of being able to work at nighttime by making use of infrared radiation re-emitted by earth. It is possible to increase the efficiency of LSCs by employing novel approaches which make use of stimulated emission. In this manner, LSCs can increase the share of solar energy use in urban areas. © 2020, Indian Academy of Sciences.
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JournalCurrent Science
PublisherIndian Academy of Sciences