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Mechanical Studies of Nonlinear Optical γ-Glycine Single Crystal Grown in the Presence of Lithium Nitrate
Vijayalakshmi M, Yogambal C, ,
Published in Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.
Volume: 584
Pages: 145 - 149
Single Crystal of γ-glycine lithium nitrate with non-linear optical material have been grown by slow evaporation method at room temperature. Structural and Crystalline nature of the grown γ-glycine lithium nitrate crystal was confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction technique. UV-Visible transmittance study was performed to analyze optical transparency of γ-glycine crystal and found that the crystal was transparent in the entire visible region. The mechanical properties of the grown crystal was subjected to Vickers hardness test and the Brittleness index (Bi), Fracture toughness (Kc), Elastic stiffness constant (C11) were estimated.
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JournalAdvanced Materials Research
PublisherTrans Tech Publications, Ltd.
Open AccessNo