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Metallurgical characteristics and machining performance of nanostructured TNN-coated tungsten carbide tool
, S.B. Prabu, , M.G. Krishna
Published in Carl Hanser Verlag
Volume: 106
Issue: 4
Pages: 378 - 390

The effect of depositing Nb-rich Ti1-xNbxN coatings on the metallurgical characteristics and machining performance of tungsten carbide tools is investigated. The direct current reactive magnetron sputter deposited Ti1-xNbxN thin film was crystalline in the as-deposited state. The surface of the film is characterized by a dense granular structure with very few voids and lower roughness than the pristine tungsten carbide surface. Nanoindentation studies revealed that the Ti1-xNbxN coating enhanced the hardness and Young's modulus of the tungsten carbide tool to 35 GPa and 703 GPa, respectively, as compared to 20 GPa and 550 GPa respectively, for the uncoated tool. Scratch tests showed that the Ti1-xNbxN coating increased the adhesion strength on the tungsten carbide tool. Similarly, the tool wear, surface roughness and cutting force in turning an EN24 alloy steel component displayed significant improvement due to the Ti1-xNbxN coating. The minimum surface roughness, minimum tool flank wear and minimum cutting forces were predicted for Ti1-xNbxN coated tools based on the Taguchi experimental design. © Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.

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JournalInternational Journal of Materials Research
PublisherCarl Hanser Verlag
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