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Modulatory functions of bioactive fruits, vegetables and spices in adipogenesis and angiogenesis
Published in
Volume: 53
Pages: 318 - 336
Adipogenesis and angiogenesis are fundamental processes involved in growth and development. Adipocytes are highly vascularized tissues requiring continuous supply of nutrients, chemokines, cytokines and precursor cells during their expansion. Proangiogenic and antiangiogenic factors are expressed at different stages of adipocyte differentiation. Expression of angiogenic factors like VEGF in adipocyte suggests the possible role of angiogenesis in adipogenesis. Therefore, inhibitors that target angiogenesis has gained therapeutic relevance to control obesity. Apart from endogenous inhibitors, there are some natural foods that have adipostatic and angiostatic potential that will have limited side effects if consumed in proper dose. These foods have factors that elicit mechanisms like suppression of cell cycle progression, and inflammatory cytokines; deactivation of ERK, AKT, involvement of COX2 and NO pathway. In this review, we elaborate the role of some of the fruits (grapes, berries, citrus), vegetables and spices (spinach, crucifers, capsicum, onion, garic, turmeric, ginger) in adipogenesis and angiogenesis. © 2018 Elsevier Ltd
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