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Nanowire-like copper oxide grown on porous copper, a promising anode material for lithium-ion battery
H. Park, S. Lee, M. Jo, S. Park, K. Kwon, , H. Choe
Published in Korean Ceramic Society
Volume: 54
Issue: 5
Pages: 438 - 442
This paper reports the facile synthesis of microlamella-structured porous copper (Cu)-oxide-based electrode and its potential application as an advanced anode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Nanowire-like Cu oxide, which is created by a simple thermal oxidation process, is radially and uniformly formed on the entire surface of Cu foam that has been fabricated using a combination of water-based slurry freezing and sintering (freeze casting). Compared to the Cu foil with a Cu oxide layer grown under the same processing conditions, the Cu foam anode with 63% porosity exhibits over twice as much capacity as the Cu foil (264.2 vs. 131.1 mAh/g at 0.2 C), confirming its potential for use as an anode electrode for LIBs.
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JournalJournal of the Korean Ceramic Society
PublisherKorean Ceramic Society